First edition 2022

Price: 15,900.00 euros + 22% Italian tax not applicable to corporate businesses


4,000.00 euros + 22% Italian tax not applicable to corporate businesses

From 3/7/2022 to 11/25/2022

More defined and an even more accurate journey of 16 + 16 + 4 leading to the innovative Chef of Today.

This innovative professional programme of Advanced Professional Diploma for Chefs is an effective, all rounded and challenging training updated method which allows the student to promptly develop all the notions including the practical skills, rooting from the foundations of the culinary arts and stretching to contents and knowledge of the highest level.

Proficiency, Technique and Sustainability defines the key words of this profession, which requires commitment, in-depth knowledge, hands-on skills, but mostly an unbounded passion.

The Advanced programme is articulated as:

  • 16 weeks at CAST Alimenti  in-house classroom training;
  • 16 weeks on practical internship;
  • 4 weeks of post-internship extra realistic exercise under the CAST Alimenti brand new central kitchen of training i.e. in the “Main Kitchen Classroom” of the school.

This specific training is exclusively crafted on the CAST educational method which is based on hard core practical approach and thus features:

  • Daily sessions with the accomplished chefs and trainers awarded with decades of experience at top-level restaurants in Italian as well as international background;
  • Engage frequently with seasoned professionals from the related food and hospitality industry;
  • Measuring and exchanging the knowledge with other school students from different parts of Italy and the world.

These defined aspects allow creating an exciting and professional environment where the student’s needs and aspirations are in the limelight thus motivating and guiding him in the pursuit of excellence.

The first 16 weeks of training are delivered in advanced technology classrooms equipped with single workstations. Here, many subjects are assessed, belonging to a specific programme that includes the fundamental basic techniques of food processing, traditional and modern cooking systems, the aesthetics and pairing principles to enhance the creativity of the dishes, an organized, rational and efficient working method with particular focus on the reduction of food waste, the specific equipment and their criteria of use, the proposal of a successful gastronomy offer able to combine taste and health.

The random participation of a pool of professionals from the market sharing their perspectives on extensive topics as an added value to this programme in sensory analysis, food-wine pairings and other beverages combinations, food technology, product insights into raw materials belonging to the Italian food chain, fishery products, insights into dietary and nutrition.

At the end of the training weeks in the classroom, the students complete and enrich their educational experience with a period of 16 weeks of practical internship in some of the most qualified restaurants/companies in Italy, selected by CAST Alimenti. This represents a valuable occasion to boost hands-on skills and to develop the role-playing professional competence by experiencing an insight into a real organizational and productive context along with learning to deal with the business dynamics and policy.

Most unique and value added aspect of 2021, will be joining back the school after the internship to attend 4 weeks of extra training in the Main Kitchen Classroom, an exclusive reality in the Italian professional education scenario, which has been designed and created with the main scope of allowing the student to explore and test himself into the real situations of a restaurant service. The "Main Kitchen Classroom" is an elite facility in the heart of culinary education: it is equipped with the most updated and advanced kitchen technologies available on the market and it is super modern even in terms of layout due to the diversification of its space:

  • Dedicated area for incoming goods and its logistics
  • Dedicated area for preparation of meat, fish and vegetables
  • Dedicated zone for vertical cooking
  • Dedicated zone for preparation of meals based on special diet requirements
  • Dedicated zone for cooking and processing of the preparation

Here the student, under the supervision of trainers, will live the experience of working as in a real kitchen brigade, immersed in an operative environment quite similar to the kitchen of a fine-dining restaurant. He will be personally involved in the production and delivery of the required simulated services, such as: savoury breakfast in front cooking, lunch buffet in the "live" stations to be served in the new restaurant of the Tower and dinner service.

These educational sessions for the students will be accompanied by theoretical lectures, such as oil sensory analysis, insights into Made in Italy fine products and learning of foreign languages terminology, as well practical sessions to complete the programme by involving on a repertoire of theme-based events led by celebrity Italian as well as foreign starred chefs.

As a matter of fact, the potential contribution of professionals and starred chefs has been increased and they play a dual role: first of all, to provide the student with present contemporary and thorough overview of the different restaurant formulas (from commercial catering to banqueting, up to gourmet gastronomy, fine dining and star rated cuisine), and secondly, to cultivate the student to perform the different types of service through organizing and managing of events in the new educational kitchen of CAST Alimenti.

The best Italian and International professionals

The best Italian and International professionals

Laboratories equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies

Laboratories equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technologies

Knowledge and know how: From theory immediately to hands-on

Knowledge and know how: From theory immediately to hands-on

Selected structures where to consolidate the skills acquired during the training course

Selected structures where to consolidate the skills acquired during the training course

Job announcements from all over the world, placement desk, recruiting day

Job announcements from all over the world, placement desk, recruiting day

From Professional Advanced Diplomas to Specialization, for both personal and professional development

From Professional Advanced Diplomas to Specialization, for both personal and professional development


  • Master the autonomy and work with broad awareness in the different restaurant business environments of the hospitality market: à la carte and fine dining restaurants, banqueting, catering, mass catering perspective.
  • Master the required know-how on food products and raw materials in order to properly cook a wide variety of Italian cuisine dishes.
  • Acquiring the knowledge and the importance of a cuisine in compliance with health and environmental aspects.
  • Develop numerous recipes through the implementation of the most advanced techniques and innovative methods required by the modern Italian recipes.
  • Awareness of the individual key role played in a kitchen brigade: duties, tasks and coordination skills.
  • Reinforce the technical skills acquired during 16 residential weeks and the 16 internships weeks, through the hands-on skilled activities and services in the new Main Kitchen Classroom.
  • Broaden the expertise by embracing theoretical lessons that complete the professional profile of the Chef, i.e. “English language in the kitchen”, concepts of food cost, proper use with enhancement of the territory and local sourced food products.


  • 16 weeks in-classroom
  • 16 weeks internship
  • 4 weeks back in-classroom and in the Main Kitchen Classroom, including 4 days for the final exams
  • 16 weeks of optional internship*

The course is suitable for

This inspirational Professional Advanced Diploma is open to whoever is passionate about cooking and has the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in food, desire to learn or fine-tune the chef profession, master practical skills in the kitchen and gain an insight into the organizational and managerial aspects of a culinary business. Even though it is not compulsory, we do recommend a brief prior experience in the culinary or catering industry as a starting point.

Number of participants per edition: closed number

The course is in italian. So, for attending it, a minimum knowledge of Italian language is required (B1 or B2 level). During the teaching period, for recipes, for theoretical lessons specific support will be given in English for the foreign students.

Eligibility to join a CAST Alimenti program in Italy

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must include personal resume with past experience and history;
  • Must have minimum B1 or B2 level (intermediate level) in Italian language (for better understanding of Italian Culinary & creating global job opportunity);
  • Must have good communication skills in English language;
  • Must be highly motivated to start a career in the food & beverage industry;
  • Eager to learn another foreign language and adapt to the Italian lifestyle.

Certificates Issued

  • Attendance certificate (5 stars to the most deserving)
  • HACCP certificate
  • Certificate of safety in the workplace
  • Certificate of skills acquired EQF (European Qualifications Framework) issued by the Lombardy Region and valid throughout Europe for the profile of chef - chef Level EQF: 5

The Faculty Members

  • A stardom team of highly-qualified culinary leaders. Professionals able to merge their proven experience and reputation in prestigious kitchens, at international level, together with an effective teaching method, focused on practical and organizational aspects.
  • Master classes with starred chefs and other protagonists of the international cuisine.
  • Specialists and experts will be involved in in-depth analysis and additional topics such as hygiene and food safety, nutrition, awareness on niche food product categories.

Our Strenghts

  • Hands-on approach;
  • Highly-qualified faculty members with experience in high-end hotels and restaurants;
  • Limited enrollment where you and your progress matter, to facilitate the effectiveness of learning with a proper trainer-student ratio;
  • Training labs equipped with the latest technology and self-contained work stations incorporating a preparation area for each student as priority;
  • Facility for practical hands-on-skill at the “Educational kitchen”: a production lab that operates for internal catering and events organized by the school;
  • Real-life simulator activities to analyze work situations at different types of restaurant service;
  • Individual and team work;
  • Multi-media technology;
  • Internship at top-level restaurants;
  • Guided tours and knowledge gaining field trips;
  • Special Guest Lectures and Master classes by starred chefs, eminent personalities, entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals from all over the world come to CAST Alimenti to teach, lecture and cook for our students, providing the exclusive opportunity to watch, interact with and ask questions of these successful epicureans.
  • Personal mentoring throughout the vocational training.

The contents


After the lectures and hands-on lessons period, each student will be placed in an internship, an important experience to enforce their knowledge and abilities with on the job training.

CAST Alimenti has professional partnerships with more than 200 hospitality establishments around Italy, like in Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples and more:

  • Michelin star rated restaurants and luxury hotels
  • Pastry workshops
  • Corporates in the catering sector
  • Food Industries

During the internship period the students will be completely supported by our Faculty members and program tutors.

Extracurricular internship!

At the end of the 16 weeks in the classroom + 16 weeks of internship + 4 weeks back in-classroom and in the Main Kitchen Classroom, it will be possible to experience an additional 16 weeks of internship, always in a structure affiliated with CAST Alimenti throughout the national territory. A second internship identified as extracurricular, and therefore subject to a monthly remuneration whose value will vary according to the regional regulations in force.

An optional service made available by CAST Alimenti, at a cost of € 800.00 + VAT.
The will to join the second extracurricular internship will be indicated either during registration or by the end of the 16 weeks in the classroom.

Terms and Conditions and schedules

The course is offered in 16 weeks full-time, generally from Monday to Friday (8.30-17.00 ca) for a total of over 600 hours. Training in the classroom will be followed by 16 weeks + 4 weeks back in-classroom and in the Main Kitchen Classroom + 16 weeks of internship (optional*).


The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in all practical activities including, theoretical lessons, demonstrations, didactic exercises, handouts and cookbooks
  • Kit of personal professional utensils
  • Breakfast, lunch and coffee break during the course period
  • Three professional jackets, a pair of trousers, an apron and a shoulder bag with the CAST Alimenti brand
  • Attestation of attendance, HACCP, Certificate of safety in the workplace
  • Certificate of skills acquired EQF (European Qualifications Framework) issued by the Lombardy Region and valid throughout Europe for the profile of chef - chef Level EQF: 5
  • Reserved access to the section of the website dedicated to job offers
  • Reception services, tutoring and VISA release documentation.

The registration fee does not include:

  • Air fares, travel insurance, pocket money;
  • Accommodation and evening meals during the course period, accommodation and meals during the internship;
  • VAT Italian tax (+22%);
  • Tutoring outside lesson time;
  • Transfers from / to the airport of arrival / departure;
  • Daily transfers from / to CAST Alimenti.

Fee structure

The payment of the entire fee is foreseen in 5 instalments without interest (down payment + 4 successive instalments).

Where to stay

CAST Alimenti becomes a first-rate accommodation facility, offering its students the most welcoming solutions. Find out more


The CAST Alimenti Education Office is in charge of keeping contacts, drafting the Convention and opening the Individualized Training Project, constantly monitoring the progress of the experience through the figure of the tutors. The service can be activated based on compliance with the requirements of the contractual clauses (see contractual clauses at the time of registration). 

Registration procedure

Registration is limited. To register you must register on the website, fill in the online registration form and pay a deposit (by credit card or bank transfer). The course will confirm once the minimum number of students has been achieved. For more information contact CAST Alimenti at +390302350076, or by sending an e-mail to 

Why choose CAST Alimenti

  • For its history: we were established in 1997.
  • For his Faculty comprising of trade professionals and highly qualified teachers.
  • For the possibility of immediate integration into employment thanks to a solid network of contacts with employers who reserve job placements for those who attend school.
  • Because it is the school of world champions.
  • For international training and exchange projects.

Are you not convinced yet?

Contact us to receive more information or to organize an individual and personalized visit to the school.

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